You Can't Leave Milwaukee Without Visiting These 5 Places

You Can't Leave Milwaukee Without Visiting These 5 Places

You Can’t Leave Milwaukee Without Visiting These 5 Places 
Nate Wendelburg


Milwaukee is a city of hidden gems. It’s not like a New York or Chicago that have an abundance of world-renowned landmarks. However, on every street or alley in Milwaukee there seems to be some picturesque, unique, or otherwise interesting spectacle. It’s the city we call home and we love it to death. We hope anyone visiting for a day or a week falls in love with it just as much as we have! In an effort to ensure you have the best possible experience in Milwaukee, we have put together a list of our MUST DO activities. 

Visit the Milwaukee Art Museum
Milwaukee Art Museum

Possibly the most photographed building in the entire city, the art museum is an architectural feat. The building itself has “wings” that can open and close depending on the wind speeds outside. If you’re lucky enough to catch the wings opening, it’s pretty awesome to witness. Once inside, the museum does not fail to amaze. Some hallways appear as illusions, while others are masterfully symmetrical. Your eyes will never be bored in here, we promise!

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Eat at The Milwaukee Public Market
Milwaukee Public Market

The Public Market has some of the best food in town, whether you’re looking for a vegan BLT, some candy, sushi, a beer, tacos, calzones, or anything else you can think of, you can probably find it at the Public Market. Not only is the food great, there’s some awesome local shops located inside as well (and one that sells our candles!). The environment inside is hard to beat. It’s usually pretty packed, especially on the weekends, and there are a lot of moving pieces, which makes it even more fun and exciting. 

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Once you finish up in the Public Market, you might as well go for a walk around the rest of the Third Ward. It is by far one of the most popular areas in Milwaukee with tons of great shopping, some cozy parks, a beautiful view of the river, and even more good eats. Be sure to stop in Colectivo for a coffee or smoothie along the way as well.

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Make a Candle at Glassnote Candle Bar
Glassnote Candle Bar

If you’re looking for a great time with friends or family in a very cozy, cool space, check out Glassnote Candle Bar. Fairly new to the city, it’s an exciting opportunity to learn how to make your own custom candle where you get to choose the fragrance, the name, and everything else about it. Not only do you get to take home your very own candle, but they serve drinks as well. A glass of wine, some music, and great conversation is a fantastic way to end any night in my eyes. My favorite thing about Glassnote is the ambiance inside. Every little thing was thought out perfectly so it feels like a cozy little speak-easy. This is an experience hard to find anywhere else.

Visit a Local Brewery

It’s no secret that Milwaukee loves it’s beer. Our baseball team is actually called the “Brewers” for goodness’ sake. Not only do we love to drink it, we make a hell of a lot of it too. There’s some nationally known breweries located here in Milwaukee like MillerCoors, but some of our favorites to visit are smaller local breweries, and there’s a lot of them. Just to get you started, here’s a list of our favorites.

Hopefully a couple of those look good to you, but if you stumble upon another brewery that isn’t on our list, we highly recommend giving it a try! Here's a map to get you started!

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See a Show at the Riverside Theater
Events at the Riverside

The Riverside Theater first opened in 1928, making it one of the more historic venues in the city, and a spectacle of architecture as well. The Riverside is small enough that even the biggest names in music or comedy feel like an intimate show, which I love. Whether you’re a fan of Classic Rock, Stand-up Comedy, or Rap, this theater houses it all. Another great aspect of the Riverside is its location which is, quite literally, riverside. Before or after your show, the riverwalk is beautiful day or night. 

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While we hope these ideas were helpful, we recommend you explore the city at your own leisure for your own personal interests! Milwaukee has plenty to offer for everyone, and we hope you get the best out of your experience here! 

-Nate & Team

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