Fundraising Program

Partner with Milwaukee Candle Co. for your next fundraising event and light up your community engagement efforts. Our candle fundraising program offers an innovative way for schools, clubs, nonprofits, and community organizations to raise funds while spreading warmth and beauty.

Benefits of Candle Fundraising

  • Easy to Organize

    Our fundraisers are simple to set up and execute making it a great hassle-free fundraising option.

  • Broad Appeal

    Candles are a popular choice for gifts and home decor, appealing to a wide audience.

  • Supports Local Business

    Raise funds while also supporting a local business that is dedicated to quality and community involvement.

Learn More

Considering setting up a fundraiser with Milwaukee Candle Company? Read our introduction brouchure to learn the ins and outs of how it works - we'd love to work with you! If you feel ready to get started, send over an email or fill out our contact form!

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