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Copalo Blend Box // Incense

Copalo Blend Box // Incense

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Woodsy/Resinous/Cleansing. May evoke past emotions and memory.

Ingredients: Copal / Palo Santo / Cedar

Suggested Setting: Productive Afternoons, Living Room Hang Outs

Hand-Crafted Incense Burners: Concrete Cube Burner - Concrete Cup Burner - Forged Iron Burner

Product Features

Box Length: 3 inches
Box Width: 3 inches
Box Height: 1 inch
Box Contains 8 Hand Rolled Cones
Average Burn Time: 20 minutes
Fragrance can last for up to 8 hours

Premium Natural Incense Cones Ethically Hand Rolled From Tree Resins, Plants and Wildcrafted Herbs
No Charcoals or Burning Accelerants Used Ever
Small Batches Handmade in USA
Cones stay lit and burn straight through
Smart Smoke: Only burn incense on a fireproof surface. Do not leave burning incense unattended

Candle Care + Safety

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Love the incense, and the delivery was way quicker than I expected. I'll be ordering again.