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Black Wick Dipper

Black Wick Dipper

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So you just burned your candle for 4 hours and the room is smelling great. You blow out your candle, and BAM. You get hit with the scent of extinguished wick, and the wick keeps smoking. Now that wonderful scent in the air just turned, and the room now smells like an extinguished candle instead of the candle scent.

Eliminate that issue with this stainless steel wick dipper, perfect for the frequent candle burner. Use the end of the tool to gently dip the flamed wick in the melt pool, and lift it out. This creates a zero smoke extinguished wick situation. Wa-la. This is by far one of the most underrated wick tools, and is a must have for avid candle burners. Hand wash after use. 

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